Get to know Sunly

We all have that kind of friend – the one that ditches their togs for a skinny dip. That friend who inspires you to live a better life.

Sunly Seltzer is like that friend. A bright, clean-tasting hard seltzer brewed at our home in Byron Bay, Sunly Seltzer is gluten-free, vegan and refreshing tipple that has less than three grams of sugar per can in three delicious flavours: Davidson Plum & Berry, Blood Orange & Grapefruit and Ginger & Lemon.

We’re excited to welcome Sunly Seltzer as the newest member of the Fermentum family of businesses, alongside Stone & Wood, Fixation Brewing and Granite Belt Cider Co.    

What is hard seltzer?

Now that you’ve met Sunly, perhaps you’re wondering what hard seltzer is? It’s a pretty new term here in Australia, but basically ‘seltzer’ is another (cooler) name for carbonated water, while the ‘hard’ refers to its alcohol content.  

Here in Byron, we brew Sunly Seltzer using a gluten-free grain called sorghum, along with hops, water and yeast, and infuse all this with natural ingredients at the final stage.

Bright, sparkling and with 90% less sugar than leading vodka RTD premixed drinks, we brew Sunly Seltzer for people love a good time, who love getting up early for sunrise and for those who – given the chance – love ditching their togs for a skinny dip.