What is Hard Seltzer?

What is Seltzer

What is hard seltzer?

Clean, bright and refreshing, Sunly Seltzer is all about enjoying the things you love, guilt-free.

But first, what does ‘hard seltzer’ mean? The term ‘seltzer’ is another name for carbonated water, while the ‘hard’ refers to the liquid containing alcohol. Completely gluten-free, vegan and with less than three grams of sugar per can, Sunly Seltzer is a low-calorie, no-nasties beverage that won’t weigh you down – kinda like swimming without your togs.    


How do we make Sunly Seltzer?

Sunly is brewed with premium gluten-free sorghum grain, hops, water and yeast through a similar process used to brew beer and is infused with natural ingredients at the final stage. The result? An alcoholic sparkling refreshment in three delicious natural flavours - Davidson Plum & Berry, Blood Orange & Grapefruit and Ginger & Lemon.